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Walt Disney


Walt Interview #1 This is from a 1963 interview, given by Fletcher Markle, a Canadian broadcaster and filmmaker who had just completed "The Incredible Journey" for the Disney Studios. This could be one of the greatest interviews that Walt Disney ever gave.
Jack Wagner - The Voice of Disneyland


Jack Wagner Bloopers & Spoofs
This is a collection of audio spoofs and mistakes, put together by the voice of Disneyland, the late Jack Wagner.

Among the pieces in this track are Disneyland announcements, other Disney narration and some various non-Disney commercials, as well as a spoof using audio from a Disney stage show.

PLEASE NOTE: This file contains adult language and is not work safe or intended for children!


 Jack Wagner Echo Demo This is from a demo reel from the voice of Disneyland, Jack Wagner. This one demonstrates the use of echo for Disneyland announcements


Jack Wagner Fireworks Demo This is from a demo reel from the voice of Disneyland, Jack Wagner. This one talks about an upcoming track but the track is not played.


Jack Wagner does Mickey & Mickey's voice for Electrical Parade Ad Jack Wagner does the voice of Mickey and Goofy in this commercial (?) for the Main Street Electrical Parade and the Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks.


 Disney's Summer Nightastic Theme 2010
This is the official theme song for the summer 2010 promotion Summer Nightastic. This event ran from June 11th to August 29th. This cut is one of several that were made for radio and TV ads. Notice the two-pop (production cueing sound) before the track begins.

Note that this promotion also went on for the Walt Disney World Resort at the same time.

Special thanks to Twitter's MarcioDisney for donating this track to the archives.


It's Your Time To Ride California This is a :60 radio commercial for Disneyland, aimed at Southern California residents. The theme of the commercial is "It's Your Time To Ride California" and contains a mashup of Disneyland attraction audio.


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